Steg (Easy cross platform steganography) is a cross-platform and portable software, written in C++. It use steganography and cryptography techniques to hide information inside uncompressed and compressed images. JPEG (JPG), TIFF, PNG, BMP image formats are supported. It really hides arbitrary data inside the image itself (not in metadata/comment fields or appended to the end of the file). With it's easy graphical user interface is possible to fine tune steganography parameters, evaluates image's artifacts and uses both symmetric-key and asymmetric-key cryptography. Arbitrary data can be hidden as compressed archive file and it's also possible to add a text comment.
I wrote Steg in my spare time, for fun, and to learn some basics of the Qt Framework.

Steg runs on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.

This software is based in partially on the following library and software components:

The Independent JPEG Group. For details see

The Crypto++ library. For details see

The free Milky icon set. For details see…

Please check the Description and Features page. The same page is also available in Steg's Help menu as well as the above credits.

The usual disclaimer applies:
"The program is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF DESIGN MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE..." and all the omitted "lawyer clauses" you already can imagine. ;-)

Have fun, Fabio.